Mt Olympus Ski Area

 It could be said that Olympus is the cream of the crop when it comes to the club fields. If you’re an adventurous skier, after an authentic club field experience, Olympus will supply the goods.

 Terrain and Snow:❆❆❆

What makes Olympus is the combination of a south facing aspect with good terrain. Due to its aspect  Olympus gets the most out of the strong southern storms which roll up from Antarctica. Additionally being south facing ensures the snow stays. 

The field consists of one large basin with high ridges that rise up to the summit of Mount Olympus at 2026 metres.

The lift accessed terrain to the left of the tow is largely open with a constant pitch. Whereas the opposite side of the tow line you will find heavily featured terrain, with numerous drops and rolls. Even straight off the tow there is plenty to keep most people amused.


Backcountry options:❆❆❆

The plethora of hikeable lines are not just the icing on the cake at Olympus but another cake completely. These include Little Alaska, The Sphinx and Mount Olympus, to name a few.

Lifts rating:❆❆❆(nutcrackers)

Olympus has three high speed nutcrackers with a total vertical drop of 450m. These supply you with endless entertaining laps. The tows do run quickly and can be a bit tricky for snowboarders.

Cost per turn:❆❆❆

Members $30 day and $360 season, Non members $70 day and $540 a season.


To get the most out of Olympus you really want to stay on the mountain. The lodge has recently been remodelled and comes complete with bar, hot tub and dress up box, as well as epic alpine views.

Road Access:❆❆

The only thing you can really fault Olympus for, is it’s mountain road, which starts from Lake Coleridge and winds up a valley for 11km. Most of the road is not too bad, but the last stretch from the bottom hut to the base of the field, traverses a large scree slope. This section of road is in constant flux and often moves. The road can often get blocked in large snow falls and will not open until the following day. As such, if big snow is on the forecast it pays to get to Olympus the night before. This will pay dividends when you only have to share the field with the few people staying in the lodge.

Bottom line: Over all stoke factor 5

If there has been new snow at Olympus in the last week, it is definitely worth the trip.

Mountain Stats:
Base of the Access Tow: 1430m
Top Tow: 1880m
Lift Accessed Vertical Drop: 450m
Hike Accessed Vertical Drop: Up to 1050m in a good year                                                                                 Top Hut: 1640m

Aspect: Southerly
Annual Snowfall: 4.5m
Terrain: 10% Beginner, 55% Intermediate, 35% Advanced

Current Conditions

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