Skiing in New Zealand

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North Island ski Fields

The majority of skiing in the North Island takes place on Mt Ruapehu,  a large volcano in the center of the island. Most people ski at the large commercial fields of Whakapapa and Turoa. Alternatively there are the smaller club fields of Tukino on Ruapehu and Manganui on Mt Taranaki. Snow planet in Auckland can also be used as a ‘methadone-like’ alternative to real snow, during the long summer months in NZ.

 South Island

Northern Area

This is really two regions, Nelson Lakes which is home to Rainbow and North Canterbury with Mt Lyford.


Skiing in Canterbury is all about the club fields. These are small non-profit ski fields. They are run by their members  and open to public. Canterbury is also home to the larger commercial fields of Mt Hutt and Porter Heights. This region is a good alternative to Queenstown/Wanaka as it has seven fields all in close proximity.

Mackenzie Country

Located between Canterbury and central Otago, the Mackenzie country has one club field and three small commercial fields. These are spread along the road heading south toward Queenstown. Often just seen as the places you ski on the way, these fields should really be thought of as a destination in themselves.

Wanaka & Queenstown

The tourist destinations overseas visitors think of as synonymous with skiing in New Zealand.



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